Pane Free Window Cleaners

"Taking the PANE of cleaning your windows"

About Us

Thank you for taking a bit of your time to find out about my company.  My name is Rock Gaylord.  I have lived in Arizona for the past 28 years.  I am a U.S. Army veteran and a veteran of the Iraqi War.  I have a wonderful wife who is also my best friend, and three amazing children.  I have spent the majority of my adult life working in the financial industry and in the military.  I couple the experiences I have had and the training I have gone through to offer the best in the business.

I decided to venture down a new path in life and start this business.  My focus and drive is to deliver a great customer experience everytime.  My customers are the most vital aspect to the success of my business because without you, I fail. I believe I offer the best prices in town, and promise to beat any price out there.   In these tough economic times, we must work together to make things a bit easier.  

I look forward to the opportunity to work with and for you.  Please visit the "Contact Us" page of the website or simply call me at 480-285-8174. Once again, thank you for your time.  God Bless and remember.... I will gladly take on the PANE of cleaning your window.


Rock Gaylord